Exploration of Devil Caves | 魔窟探検記

The following newspaper publications (1908-09, 1912) contain detailed stories of Japanese migrants operating and working at brothels at the turn of the 20th century in Canada. This is an extensive series that includs over 180 named individuals (121 Japanese men, 60 Japanese women, and 3 Chinese men). Both series were written by journalist Shōhei Osada and published in a Japanese language newspaper called Tairiku Nippō (Continental Daily News) based in Vancouver, Canada. The following content includes derogatory expressions that you may find offensive. They reflect elitist, sexist, racist, and ableist attitudes and stereotypes that existed in Canadian settler society, Japanese imperial society in Japan, and Japanese diasporic communities. While these expressions are retained in the English translation for historical accuracy, they do not reflect the views of the translator. See “Modules” to explore critical approaches to examining this content. Pseudonyms are used for individuals identified in this series, except for public figures.


Translated Publications from the Tairiku Nippō Newspaper